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Free introduction to empathic communication

2017-02-16 godz. 19:00 - 20:00

introduction to empathic communication

Introduction to empathic communication


How to stay connected to people regardless of what they say? You will learn it at this short, one-hour workshop, inspired by Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

NVC can be seen as a communication tool to improve contact and communication with the people around you, regardless if it is your family, friends or people at work or school. It’s a way to listen to what is behind judgements, criticism and other messages coming at you.

Instead of believing what others say and counterattack or defend yourself, you can actually hear what they are wanting and longing for. At the same time you can express what is important for you and what you are longing for in contact with them, in a way that they can receive.

In this workshops you will receive some skills necessary to do this and you will also get the chance to practice these skills. Welcome!


You can deepen your knowledge and skills connected to empathic listening on another workshop planned on Saturday „What does she/he mean?” – empathic listening for men and women. Registration and more information: https://www.empathicway.pl/wydarzenie/what-does-she-mean-empathic-listening-for-men/


Workshop will be held in English and is organized by Empathic Way (Poland) and Joachim Berggren Communication (Sweden).



Joachim Berggren – I am communication consultant in the process of CNVC certification. Since 2010 I have offered over 100 of lectures and workshops with inspiration of NVC (Nonviolent Communication). I have attended three one year programs organised by Friare Livs (Liv Larsson and Kay Rung): the Year 1, the Year 2 and the Mediation program. I have been assistant trainer on five of Friare Livs one year programs as well as on several of their shorter workshops. Currently I am an assistant trainer on Friare Livs mediation program and I take part in Euro Life – a two year NVC training program with Robert Gonzales.


Joachim needs to present a recording of his teaching to the assessor, so your participation will be a great help in his process of becoming a certified CNVC trainer! We will record only Joachim, not the participants, so there is no need to be worried!

See his invitation!

[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/ts-DRkAeAcE” ]



16 February 2017 at 19:00 – 20:00



Vega, al. Jana Pawła II 36c, Warsaw



In case of any questions please contact Magdalena Malinowska: kontakt@empathicway.pl



This workshop is free, you just need to reserve your place!



al. Jana Pawła II 36c
Warszawa, Polska