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„What does she/he mean?” – empathic listening for men and women

2017-02-18 godz. 15:00 - 18:00

80 zł
What does she mean

What does she/he mean?

Attention: because we were receiving questions from women if they can participate, we decided to open it to everybody that is interested in good relations with others! 🙂 Feel free to apply!


Does it happen to you that your partner claims you don’t understand her/him?

Or maybe you spend hours listening to him/her and they say you weren’t listening?

What does she/he mean?At our training you will learn what may cause this reaction!


A person that has ability to really listen, without giving advices and immediately looking for solutions, is a rare and precious treasure.

Empathic listening can help you overcome frustration and will give you clarity about needs and expectations of the person that shares with you her story. Lack of clear communication between partners and misunderstanding each other can weaken the relationship and result in conflicts. From our experience we know that building a good, deep contact with a partner may be a bumpy road but it is possible to achieve and worth all your efforts. You just need to open your ears and heart, offer your presence and learn some tools that can help you in this process.


For whom?

If you are interested in raising competences in listening to your partner, we are inviting you to our workshop during which:

-you will learn what does it mean to really listen to another person;

-you will deepen your knowledge about possible barriers in communication;

-you will see the conversation from the possible perspective of a man and a woman;

-you will learn simple tools useful during listening;

-you will exchange your experience with other people.


About the workshop

Our workshop “What does she mean” is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) created by Marshall B. Rosenberg. We will use active working methods, so be ready to work in smaller groups and in pairs.

Working language will be (international) English, without translation into Polish.



Workshop is organized by Empathic Way (Poland) and Joachim Berggren Communication (Sweden).


What does she mean Joachim_Berggren


Joachim Berggren – I am communication consultant in the process of CNVC certification. Since 2010 I have offered over 100 of lectures and workshops with inspiration of NVC (Nonviolent Communication). I have attended three one year programs organised by Friare Livs (Liv Larsson and Kay Rung): the Year 1, the Year 2 and the Mediation program. I have been assistant trainer on five of Friare Livs one year programs as well as on several of their shorter workshops. Currently I am an assistant trainer on Friare Livs mediation program and I take part in Euro Life – a two year NVC training program with Robert Gonzales. joachim@jberggren.se



Magdalena Malinowska Coaching Empathic WayMagdalena Malinowska – I support people in creating satisfying relationships with others and with themselves through coaching and trainings in empathic communication (NVC). I also invite people to take care about their needs by setting clear goals and achieving them. I finished Cross-cultural Psychology at SWPS, the School of Psychological Training and Workshop at the Centre for Education and Psychological Assistance INTRA and a three-year School for Trainers of Empathic Communication in Dojrzewalnia Róż. I finished the 9-days training “Needs based Coaching” run by Pernille Plantener from Denmark. At the moment I take part in the postgraduation studies Life Coaching Start Up in Collegium Civitas, approved by ICF (ACSTH). I learned Nonviolent Communication from many trainers, for example: Miki Kashtan, Yoram Mosenzon, Roxy Manning, Sabine Geiger, Joanna Młynarz, Lucyna Wieczorek, Ewa Orłowska, Kay Rung, Pernille Plantener, Deborah Bellamy. I got to know Nonviolent Communication in 2010 and since then I am delivering workshops and trainings. I have almost ten years experience in the non-formal education and in the cooperation with NGOs. I am also part of an informal group “Czego Najbardziej?!”. kontakt@empathicway.pl



18.02.2017 (Saturday) at 15:00-18:00, Warsaw



79 zł – if you pay till 12.02.2017.

80 zł – from 13 till 14.02.2017

99 zł – if you pay between 15.02.2017 and 17.02.2017.
If you want to participate and money is a serious obstacle, contact us and we’ll find a solution.



In case of any questions please contact Magdalena Malinowska: kontakt@empathicway.pl



Buy the ticket through Evenea system below or through their website: https://empathic-listening-for-men.evenea.pl/